NADO FOUNDATION, a Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O) was established 22nd June 2008 to cater for the incapable in society. Inspired by her parents who had similar in capability, NAA ADOLEY ADDO, (Ghana’s most beautiful 2008) decided to use her achievement as a platform to launch this vision to provide some of the basic need of the incapable in society.

While living with both parents, NAA ADOLEY ADDO understood the difficulties of persons with hearing impediment as she uses sign language to communicate with her parents.

NADO Foundation is determined at creating awareness and building partnership with government and other organization who share in a similar vision to attract sponsorship for this worthy course.



The intervention of the NADO Foundation covers the blind, limb and the hearing impaired.

The foundation seeks to:

1. To access support from Philanthropists, Philanthropic organization, NGO’s, Churches and I channel these resources to their provision of the basic need for the incapable in the society.

2. Establish guidance and career centre to provide counseling to the incapable in society.

3. To organize medical outreach for the incapable persons in society.

4. To establish a handicraft training and resource centre on training the less privileged handicapped in the society.

5. Ensure that the incapable in society are gainfully employed after completion of their educational pursuits.

6. To link up with government and private institutions and lobby for equal access to job opportunities for the equally qualified incapable persons in the society.

7. To ensure that the disability bill which was passed on the 23rd June, 2006 implemented to ease the hardship of the incapable persons in the society.

8. To ensure that people with incapabilities are provided with aids that are of acceptable standards.

We want to make the physically challenged persons feel belong and accepted in the society, particularly in the environment and the world beyond.